8 Upcoming Australian Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy is created through a wind turbine; a device that channels the power of the wind to generate electricity. Australia have committed to the use of this renewable form of power within their energy mix in order to meet their carbon cutting goals. Wind energy has allowed Australia’s renewable industry to hit a recent milestone. In 2022, they constructed over 5000 MW of wind energy projects. Alongside this, investment commitments to Australian Wind Energy Projects grew by 50%.

Here are 8 of the upcoming Australian wind energy projects due for completion in 2023 and 2024.

Dulacca Wind Farm, Queensland

Dulacca Wind Farm is currently under construction and will complete in late 2023. Octopus Investment, who are financing the project, have acknowledged and worked with a Barunggam representative to respect the culture heritage of the area.

The project will be able to effectively co-exist within the current use of the land; only occupying less than 2% of the total land area. Predicted energy production capacity will be 180 MW.

Clarke Creek Wind Farm, Queensland

Stage one of the wind farm is now under construction. Once operational, in Q4 of 2024, Clark Creek’s grid-scale generation capability will displace 2.7 million tonnes of carbon each year.

Clarke Creek will become one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere. Predicted energy production capacity will be 800 MW.

Flat Rocks Wind Farm, Western Australia

Flat Rocks is a 130 MW onshore wind farm project, and is currently in the permitting stage. The project is set to be commissioned in 2023, and predicted energy capacity will be130 MW. At the farm, there will be 18 of the tallest wind turbines in Western Australia.

Golden Plains Wind Farm, Rokewood

Golden Plains is going to be Australia’s largest wind farm to date, once commissioning commences in Q4 of 2024. The wind farm is set to power more than 750,000 homes, with a predicted energy production capacity of 1330 MW.

Goyder South Wind Farm, Burra

The Goyder South wind power project is a 412 MW onshore wind farm that is anticipated to be complete in 2024. Stage 1 is the first stage of Neoen’s flagship project; the ‘Goyder Renewables Zone’. Within this project, there will be wind and solar farms, as well as storage.

MacIntyre Wind Farm, Queenland

Once operational in 2024, MacIntyre Wind Farm will be ACCIONA’s biggest renewable energy facility. Predicted energy production capacity will be 1026 MW.

The MacIntyre wind complex will help the state meet its decarbonisation commitments, and climate change mitigation strategies.

Rye Park Wind Farm, New South Wales

Rye Park Wind Farm is an onshore wind project under construction. Once fully commissioned in 2024, it will be the biggest wind farm in New South Wales. The predicted energy production capacity is set at 396 MW.


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