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Read more about Louise’s Relocation to Australia

 22nd March 2023

Louise’s Relocation to Australia

At the start of February, Louise Tate from our UK office relocated to Australia and started working in our Brisbane office. Once she was...

Read more about 8 Upcoming Australian Wind Energy Projects

 8th March 2023

8 Upcoming Australian Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy is created through a wind turbine; a device that channels the power of the wind to generate electricity. Australia have committed to...

Read more about Wind Turbine Jobs

 20th February 2023

Wind Turbine Jobs

Generating around 10% of the UK’s electricity, wind power is constantly growing and becoming a key source of renewable energy. Recently, funding of around...

Read more about Green Energy Jobs

 9th February 2023

Green Energy Jobs

Low emissions and green energy are becoming innovative and exciting topics, as well as essential objectives for the current climate. Green energy job opportunities...

Read more about UK Offshore Wind Industry

 13th January 2023

UK Offshore Wind Industry

As it’s the windiest country in Europe, it’s not surprising that the UK offshore wind industry has flourished. Furthermore, the UK is the global...

Read more about Offshore Wind Jobs

 4th January 2023

Offshore Wind Jobs

The first offshore wind farm was built in 1991 near Vindeby, off the coast of Denmark. Today, we see them across the world, and...