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Read more about Scotland’s Biggest Hydro Projects

 2nd December 2022

Scotland’s Biggest Hydro Projects

Hydro power describes the use of falling or fast flowing water to generate electricity. Some of the biggest hydro projects in the UK are...

Read more about The Latest in Australia’s Energy Transition Journey

 7th November 2022

The Latest in Australia’s Energy Transition Journey

It can be said that the recent challenging time Australian energy has faced, has accelerated conversations about Australia’s energy transition journey. During 2022, the...

Read more about Data Analysis Jobs

 1st November 2022

Data Analysis Jobs

From data scientists to machine learning engineers, business intelligence analysts, logistics analysts, data architects, business systems analysts and marketing analysts, the list of data...

Read more about Renewable Energy Jobs

 4th October 2022

Renewable Energy Jobs

From solar panels to wind turbines, and everything in between, clean energy is an innovative and exciting sector providing a diverse range of renewable...

Read more about Emerging Trends in Tech Jobs

 4th October 2022

Emerging Trends in Tech Jobs

Jobs and employment have been through an unprecedented amount of change over the last few years, and tech jobs are no exception. An Expanding...

Read more about Wind Energy Jobs Global Outlook

 16th September 2022

Wind Energy Jobs Global Outlook

This clean, abundant and inexhaustible form of energy brings employment opportunities across a range of disciplines. Wind energy jobs span design, production, infrastructure, operations,...