At Visuna, we have many years of recruitment experience within the oil and gas industries. Whilst we transition into a renewable future, we understand the importance of maintaining current supplies as we make the switch. That is why we are committed to sourcing the best specialists across the world for your oil and gas needs.

Already, we have proven that our experts are capable of providing world leading workforce solutions for oil and gas companies. Visuna continues to support our clients with a range of contractor management capabilities and contractor comfort options. We truly provide for our contractors, clients and the people who rely upon them.

Our oil and gas services

We can provide teams and individuals with niche technical skills to our clients for their jobs in the global oil and gas industry. The quality of our personnel is demonstrated through our range of quality assurance checks. This includes a competency scheme and technical expert panel and we can provide both contract and permanent staff on a worldwide basis even at short notice.

As well as highly skilled individuals with niche technical skills we can also provide complete project teams, covering all aspects from recruitment and contract terms to mobilisations and management.

Our global coverage means we understand both the legal and cultural requirements for projects in different locations and are able to advise our clients on timescales and processes for visas etc., for personnel on their projects.

Where a role is a permanent job, our team of experienced executive search agents can help you find the right person for your company.  We will assist with the organisation of interviews and relocation of successful candidates if required.

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