Workforce solutions to drive forward solar energy.

At Visuna, we have an in depth knowledge of the solar energy industry on a global scale with a network of specialised talent.

We understand that renewable energy projects will encompass objectives and deliverables which can often be complex. We can provide teams and personnel to offer an end to end solution on a range of services and skill sets. At Visuna, we have a long proven track record of providing high quality solutions for recruitment that powers your business forward.

Our ability to harness the incredible power of the sun is going to be crucial when it comes to powering a sustainable future for humankind. The most common technologies involved in creating electrical energy from the sun use photovoltaic (PV) panels or mirrors, which the sun radiates to create energy that can either be used straight away or stored in thermal storage or batteries.

The development of solar energy in very large power plants is ever evolving, with concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) systems harnessing the light or electromagnetic radiation from the sun through a process which uses mirrors. The mirrors reflect the sun’s rays of light onto receivers, which collect this energy to produce heat. This heat can immediately generate electricity, or be stored for the future.

Our solar energy recruitment services

At Visuna, we are as excited as our clients who work in the sector about the enormous potential for solar energy to become a force for good as we move towards a more sustainable world and we understand that solar energy is a key renewable resource, now and in the future.

We are keen to support organisations to attract the best talent to capitalise on the exciting developments in this area of the energy sector.

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