Green Energy Jobs

Low emissions and green energy are becoming innovative and exciting topics, as well as essential objectives for the current climate. Green energy job opportunities in this sector shouldn’t be missed as they are essential to meet social needs. For instance, The International Labor Organisation (ILO) has estimated that 24 million jobs could by created in the green economy by 2030.

Green Energy Jobs are Growing

As the majority of the world aims to become net-zero, the demand for green energy jobs continues. Recently, The Guardian reported that as sectors transition to low-carbon models within their daily work, each job holds potential to become ‘green’.

Now, you might be thinking, what is ‘green energy’? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is “energy that can be produced in a way that protect and preserves the natural environment”. Highlighting how important it is for employment in the sector to expand and develop.

National Grid explain that whilst most green energy sources are renewable, not all renewable energy is considered to be entirely green. People argue that the building of dams for hydropower falls in this category as it is not ‘green’.

Adoption of Clean Energy in America

Since Joe Biden’s landmark climate bill became law, companies have announced more than 100,000 clean energy jobs in the US. His Inflation Reduction Act aims to cut climate emission by 40% by 2030, provide billions of dollars in incentives. In order to develop their green infrastructure and roles, the aim is for this to be reinvested into the economy.

At the end of 2022, American Clean Power Association (ACP) reported that the clean energy sources in the country had the capability to power the equivalent of 2 million homes. Likewise, battery storage had a record-breaking year with 4 GW warranted in 2022.

Seeking to Close Australia’s Clean Energy Skills Gap

Australian businesses operating in the clean energy sector are being called to complete the online Australian Energy Employment Report (AEER). As a result, this will identify which parts of the industry are in most need of funding for developing skills.

In order to grow this sector, the research identified essential skills to meet emission reduction targets. The only barrier is the lack of data to accurately forecast how the jobs are changing. Therefore, there is huge potential for more jobs within the country to help meet net zero by 2050.

UK Progress Towards Green Energy

In Britain, there is a huge focus on shifting energy generation to renewable sources. Express has recorded that, compared to EU, the UK’s energy supply is greener, harmful emissions are fewer, and targets are bolder.

In particular, wind energy is popular within the UK due to our weather conditions. Statista found that as of 2021, there was around 10,000 wind power plants in the UK. In fact, there has been steady growth year on year, and the market is becoming more saturated over time.


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