The UK Hydrogen Industry

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The UK hydrogen industry is rapidly developing and it is well placed to help the country create a thriving low carbon energy sector, which will help achieve the ambitious plans of 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet. It also has characteristics that are beneficial to build a clean, cost effective, resilient and safe energy system. Overall, it is a very attractive fuel option.

Although hydrogen is widely used in some industries, a huge opportunity for future growth presents itself in the adoption of the practice across additional sectors. This will allow it to make a more significant contribution to the energy transition.

The number of countries with policies that directly support investment in hydrogen technology appears to be on the rise. Indeed, this gives real hope for development in the sector.

The UK were the first major economy to legislate for net zero. The nation could be well placed to take a leadership position in the hydrogen industry too.

Furthermore, the UK is home to some of the most ambitious and exciting hydrogen projects in the world. This report details a selection of these. Plus, an explanation of the rainbow of hydrogen colours, and insight into the steps being taken to ensure there is a clear understanding of the training and skills required for the energy workforce of the future.

Ensuring the right skills are available will be crucial to achieving the UK’s hydrogen goals. The scaling up of hydrogen production will also provide positive developments in the future of hydrogen energy jobs.

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