Wind Turbine Jobs

Generating around 10% of the UK’s electricity, wind power is constantly growing and becoming a key source of renewable energy. Recently, funding of around £24 million has been announced to go towards green energy technology. Therefore, there is no denying the upcoming potential increase in wind turbine jobs – with prediction to increase 68.2% by 2030.

Trends in UK Wind Energy

Evidently, wind energy is becoming the most popular, and cheapest, source of renewable energy. Since 2015, there has been a ban on building new onshore windfarms, but current government are in discussion about changing this legislation. Greenpeace policy director, Dr Doug Parr, explains that “onshore wind could be designed as the perfect solution to the climate and energy crisis”.

Research conducted by Statista found that, as of 2021, onshore wind has amounted for roughly 2.5 million metric ton of oil equivalent. This has been increasing year on year, and the growth is set to continue.

Around 85% of wind turbine components are recyclable, but they are usually sent straight to landfills. Vestas, a sustainable energy solutions partner, has proposed a scheme to reclaim and reuse the materials. This opens a new era for the wind industry, and encourages the needed change for successful growth in employment.

Education for Wind Turbine Jobs

It is important that the next generation are educated on the exciting opportunities that are going to be available. Currently, there is a gap in knowledge as graduates are having to seek additional qualifications as present studies don’t meet the needs of modern economics.

Minister for Investment, Gerry Grimstone, expressed that “UK workers will be building the next generation of wind turbines that will help us meet our climate change commitments”. Therefore, working towards closing the educational gap is an important objective for our future. In order to get our economy back on track, the wind industry is going to be key in creating jobs.

Wind Turbine Technician

Due to the niche nature of being a wind turbine technician, there can be a lot of queries surrounding the responsibilities and requirements. Generally, their purpose is to ensure that the turbine is functionally properly, as well as conducting regular maintenance.

Some of the essential skills needed include; good engineering and mechanical skills, deep knowledge and understanding of a wind turbine, good hand-eye coordination – a more in-depth look can be found here on our website.


There is a lot of scope for employment to develop within the wind energy sector. At Visuna, we offer people solutions, wherever you need them. Talk to us today about your renewable energy recruitment needs.

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