Largest Solar Farms in the UK

With solar panels being a feature on one in every 25 buildings in the UK, the country is realising the importance of solar power as a pathway to achieving net zero carbon emissions. Solar power is the conversion of energy from the sun into electricity, usually via solar panels containing photovoltaic systems. Areas of land containing a large number of solar panels are referred to as solar farms.

The UK’s Largest Solar Farms

Regardless of the UK’s seasonal variation in climate, solar still generates a substantial volume of clean energy. Much of this comes from some of the country’s largest operational solar projects.

Llanwern Solar Farm and Battery Storage

Located in Wales and operated by NextEnergy Capital LLP, the site has been operational since 2012 and has an installed capacity of 75MW.

West Raynham

Situated in North Norfolk, Bluefield Solar operates this 49.9MW capacity farm. It has been operational since 2015.

Snarlton Farm (Melksham Solar Farm)

With an installed capacity of 49.6MW, the farm is operated by Foresight. Located in Wiltshire, the farm has been operational since 2016.

Eveley Farm

This Hampshire based farm is operated by PS Renewables. With an installed capacity of 49MW, it has been operational since 2016.

Future Projects

Currently under construction in the UK are three large solar farms all with an installed capacity of just under 50MW.

Ryyd y Groes, located in mid Wales with an expected completion date of December 2022.

Paytherden Solar Farm, situated in East Devon with an expected completion date of January 2023.

Larks Green Solar Farm, located in South Gloucestershire has an expected completion date of June 2026.


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