When it comes to solar recruitment, our team of specialists can help.

It’s an exciting time for the renewable energy sector. The number of skilled individuals required for the solar industry is set to increase. Whether your business needs to expand its workforce in solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal technologies or energy storage, we can supply the right solution. Our recruitment specialists will take the time to understand your goals to ensure we deliver on your objectives.

With over 20 years experience providing workforce solutions in the energy sector, we can handle talent acquisition for your business. Plus, we’ll fully mobilize your personnel to wherever in the world you need them. This means we’ll take care of all the administrative processes associated with hiring on an international scale, such as, Visas, work permits, travel and accommodation.

Our extensive global pool of talent means we can recruit skilled individuals or even full teams to meet your unique project needs. We pride ourselves on agility, flexibility and delivering maximum value to our clients.

Visuna – solar recruitment made easy!

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